When two totally different cultures meet in the glory of love, amazing things tend to happen. We count ourselves very fortunate for having been able to capture Mary-Gee and Arturs’ unique Fairytail Namibian Wedding.

Ever since these two contacted us ,we were fascinated by their story. Mary-Gee, hailing from Namibia, and Arthurs from Latvia, fell in love abroad whilst studying in England. After their completing their studies, they couldn’t bear being separated and decided to tie the knot in Windhoek, Namibia.

Their big day marked one of our biggest weddings by far, with over 400 guests. It was awesome to see every single guest excited to be a part of what they called “the wedding of the century”. We even heard some references to “King Arthur” and his beautiful queen Mary-Gee, setting the scene for an epic fairy tale wedding!





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