Yes, you’ve heard it right. We are visiting parts of Europe in July 2019, and we are super excited!

Naturally we are going to try and squeeze almost all our camera gear into two bags along with our underwear and toothbrushes, because photos are going to be taken! Who knows what majestic scenery and interesting people await us on the other side?

We’re going to be available for lifestyle shoots and weddings whilst visiting Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. So if you have a long lost cousin or a distant varsity friend who might be keen on doing a couple shoot, an engagement shoot, or even a wedding, please send our contact details along. We’ll buy you a coffee or beer on the beach once you get to Swakopmund!

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As for the rest of you beautiful people, we’ll be documenting the whole journey, so keep an eye out on our social media to see what we get up to. If you’d like to follow the two of us on a more personal level, we are participating in a #oneyearphotochallenge2019. You can check out Nadine’s and SP’s!

We cannot wait to share this experience with you!


SP & Nadine

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