Let’s be honest, standing in front of the camera is hard. What to wear, how to act, how to feel confident and comfortable, location… These are only some of the things to think about before doing a lifestyle shoot.

Whether you’ve booked an Engagement Shoot, Matric Farewell, Couple or Family shoot, we want you to feel fine in front of the camera, and only focus on having a good time. Many of you will be experiencing a professional photo shoot for the first time, and that can be intimidating!

So, after many requests, we’ve decided to create a post to help some of you out with this dilemma. Here are a few tips for those of you looking to book (or who have already have) a lifestyle shoot:

1. Choose the outfit in your closet that you know looks best on camera.

That flowing peach skirt, that delicate silk shirt, those brand new leather shoes…

Go through your closet and try to find something not too striking or irrelevant to your chosen shoot, but that is still comfortable and doesn’t make you feel out of place. Muted tones and soft colours that fit, or tastefully contrast your chosen location, are always great! Vibrant and repetitive patterns on clothes might distract the attention of the photos from the desired point of interest, so try to stay away from them.

If you’ll be taking photos in a group, such as a family shoot, refrain from clashing patterns like combining stripes, dots, blocks and floral patterns. Rather stick to a colour scheme of about 3 colours, which will help tie everyone together nicely without them looking too matchey-matchey.

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2. Use the opportunity to go all out

You’ve gone through all the effort to arrange a time and date for your shoot, why not go the extra mile and get your hair and nails done as well?¬†Remember, the men also need neat & tidy nails along with a nice beard trim to look their best!

Looking good for the shoot will not only improve the photos, but your confidence as well. This all leads to a better photo shoot, and a better experience.

If you’ve booked an engagement shoot, and have already chosen a hair stylist and make up artist for your wedding, we;d recommend you do your trial just before the shoot. That way you can see how everything will look on the photos, and whether you’d like to make some changes.

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3. Know what to expect

If this is your first ever photo shoot, don’t worry! We’ve got a few natural poses and tips we will share with you at the beginning of the shoot to get you going. And, after the first 15 minutes, you will forget all about the stress and worry, and simply have a good time.

Don’t fret about memorizing all the perfect poses and placements before the shoot, it will simply cause you to stress and not look your best. Leave this part to us, and just make sure you enjoy the intimate moments with your partner or the fun times with your loved ones.

If you’re really uncomfortable with the thought of a camera in your face, have a beer on the beach first to loosen up a bit – (we had to before our first shoot in front of the lens). There’s no shame in that!

Lastly, remember no cellphones (even in pockets guys, they make ugly bulges), no work, no distractions. Use this precious time to reconnect with the other people partaking in your shoot, you won’t believe how much fun it can be!

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4. What about props?

If you’ve ever been on Pinterest, you’ve seen lifestyle shoots filled with Persian rugs, letter blocks and fancy candles.

While these all make for fantastic photos, bear in mind that they do take a while to set up. Not only will it take much longer to prepare the shoot, but the location will be limited to the space where the props are set up.

We’re all about capturing you naturally and documenting the special moments in life. Sometimes if you overdue props they only get in the way & shoots become too posed, so choose them carefully.

If done right though, props do make for unique and memorable shoots, and we would love to help you bring your dream image to life! Just make sure to contact us before the shoot if you are planning to include something interesting.


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5. Can I bring a pet?

Pets are awesome! We believe pets are a part of the family, and thus need to be part of the family shoot.

Please feel free to bring along your fur-babies to the shoot, just ensure to have someone take care of them if you plan on capturing a few photos without the little trouble-makers.

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6. The Location

Location, location, location. This is probably one of the most-asked questions when it comes to lifestyle shoots.

The right location for the shoot is crucial, especially if you’ve had a specific image in mind before the photo session. Whether it’s the dunes, the sea, or a rustic coffee shop, you need to have the right setting for your personal style.

That’s why we’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of potential Lifestyle Shoot Locations, ready for you to pick and choose from. Just click HERE to view them!

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7. What time should we start taking photos?

If you’ve ever overheard a photographer chatting to someone, you might have heard the term “Golden Hour”. This is the time when the sun is warm and soft which makes for the most striking & beautiful photos.

There are two golden hour slots per day, at sunrise and sunset. If you’re planning of doing a shoot in an area that is known for having a lot of people moving about, we’d recommend a sunrise shoot at that location.

But once again, we aren’t dictators! If you really want to shoot at a different time of day, we can make it work. Just know what to expect. We’ll either have to stick to shady areas indoors, or have to embrace the harsh mid-day light which results in contrasty photos. That means no soft rim lighting around your face & hair, however these mid day shoots do still produce some epic dramatic scenes! Bear in mind that if it’s a cloudy/overcast day, the light is beautifully diffused any time of day will work.

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And that’s it. Please feel free to contact us if there are any further questions, and we look forward to seeing you through the viewfinder!

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