There’s no doubt that Covid-19 has affected the entire world and influenced each and every one of us in some sort of way. For Nifty it meant no more weddings, which is our main business and form of income. All of this just after SP left his stable job to join the team full time. It wasn’t a fun few weeks…

After postponing about 15 weddings (which takes up dates to accommodate new couples so this will affect us well into 2021) we had to make a plan and re-evaluated Nifty in general.

We’ve been contemplating splitting Nifty into a few different sections for some time, but being so busy with weddings, we never got to it. Thanks to Covid we finally HAD TO split the business up. You can read more about it here.

Now that lockdown has been lifted our two worlds have started colliding. We love capturing weddings and we always will, but we’re enjoying tapping into our other creative skills again and spending less time on the road.

So we’ve finally reached the cross-roads of where to go next. It wasn’t an easy decision, but we’ve decided to scale down weddings a bit, allowing time for Nifty Studio (our corporate side) to grow. It is also the only way to ensure we don’t burn out and lose our creative edge.

From here on out we will only be capturing 2 out-of-town (Swakopmund) weddings a month. We’ll be posting on social media every now and again letting you guys know which months are officially booked up to avoid any disappointment. If you want us to capture your wedding, please contact us well in advance – the months are filling up quickly.

We hope you all understand our decision, and we hope you will follow along on our journey as we aim to capture weddings the best way we can!


SP & Nadine

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