Today, exactly three years ago, we captured our first ever wedding. This good deed for a dear friend launched our graphic design business into the wedding market and we’ve loved every moment of it! Today we decided to reflect on our journey and discovered a few behind the scenes pics, which made us think & smile.

Looking back we’re amazed at everything that has happened. If we had our very own fortune-teller on speed dial, we still wouldn’t have been able to predict it all. We’ve refined our style and moved to another country. We’ve launched Nam Booth, and we are about to launch Nifty Shop. It has been a tough ride, but worth every second. We’ve grown not only as a company and a brand, but as a couple too (yes, SP put a ring on it!). We’ve learned that the hard times will pass, that there is light at the end of the 70-200mm (excuse the photography reference haha).

We’d just like to say thanks to all the brides and grooms who shared their magical day with us. Each couple who braved the awkwardness of being the subject of a camera. All the brides who braved the cold in their gowns. All the grooms who tried to hold back tears of pure joy as their bride walked down the isle. Every father who had to do the same while giving his daughter away. And to those who we didn’t mention, thanks to you too!

Thanks for all the memories, every single one of you.


And for those to come, we can’t wait to capture your day and make it something to remember forever!

In celebration of this milestone here are some behind the scenes shots. There are action photos, embarrassing light testing poses and years of good memories. Enjoy this trip down memory lane with us, we’ll be doing it every year from now on just for your entertainment! #bringonthenextone




BTS 19

BS 701

BTS 54 1

BTS 20

BTS 21

BTS 25

BTS 31

BTS 43

BTS 45

BTS banana

BTS 61

BTS 52

BTS 63

Nadine 1

WM 2


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