The day of roses and teddy bears is almost upon us. Valentines day!

We’ve all grown accustomed to the box of chocolates and bunch of roses we give/receive during this time, but if you want something a bit different we can help you out. Not that there’s anything wrong with a box of chocolates or teddy bears…

Why not try something new this year, like a couple shoot!?

Marelie JC 38
Two people in love between the Dunes near Swakopmund

To a lot of people this might feel a bit extreme or daunting, but a couple shoot is a perfect valentines gift. You and you partner get to “suit up”, spend quality time staring deep into each others’ eyes and then have the photos to cherish afterwards. Plus, you’ll get brownie points for being so creative and thoughtful with a gift this year!

We love taking couples to unique places around Namibia for their shoot, be it the magical dunes, or the amazing Spitzkoppe. This ensures you will have a memory afterwards to connect to that specific place, whenever you revisit it. How cool is that?

We’ve even gone ahead and made a list of possible couple shoot locations for you to choose from!

Even if you’ve already got plans for Valentines Day, you can still get in touch to plan your couple shoot later in the year. Being “forced” to be in love for an hour can do wonders for the two of you, bringing you even closer together than you thought you already were. We can vouch for that! (We recently got married and had a couple shoot of our own…)

So what are you waiting for? Pack your picnic basket, give us a call and start your journey to relationship heaven!

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